How to Retain Employees in Bali: Success Tips & Tricks

Employees are one of the most important factors to support business growth. For that matter, your business needs to have a proactive employee retention program to keep the top talent and enhance your business professional image. Also, employers must cultivate a positive work environment that the staff won’t feel like leaving even if there are other strong competitors on the market.

So how do you retain your employees in this competitive job market and stand out in this retention battle? Consider the below retention tips and tricks that Cekindo has prepared for you.

Retention Tips and Tricks

1. Provide Work Flexibility

Work from home or remote work has become so common nowadays especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. If possible, you shall allow your employees to work from anywhere, as long as they remain accessible and can complete their tasks productively. This allows them to feel more fulfilled because they can arrange their schedule for their time and work that fits their unique lifestyle.

2. Provide Profit-Sharing Opportunities

Employees will be more motivated and stick with the company longer when you offer profit sharing and attractive financial incentives. This is because now they see themselves not just an employee, but also partners of the company with a sense of ownership and loyalty.

According to Harvard Business Review, when employers incentivize their staff, employees are more likely to increase their efforts. Increased efforts translate to higher levels of employee satisfaction and productivity.

3. Provide Diverse Working Environment

While working-from-home is considered remote working, not all remote works are conducted at home. Also, not all employees prefer to work in a home environment because the home makes them less productive.

Some employees would rather prefer flexible workspaces that are free from distractions such as coworking spaces, serviced offices, and virtual offices. Professional working spaces like these are very affordable and it can show your employees that you care for both their career growth and well-being as an employer.

4. Recognize and Appreciate Good Performance

Employers need to make their employees feel appreciated especially when employees perform well or help the business significantly. This is how employees will remain at the company without seeking other employers to recognize and appreciate their contributions.

Recognition and appreciation help staff see that their employers value them and see their contributions as part of the success of the business. This is especially critical when a company expands or changes. It enables staff to have a sense of security, motivating them to create more great work regardless of the changes in the company.

5. Offer Extensive Training and Career Development Programs

Comprehensive training and career development programs can make a big difference for your employee retention.

With the right training and programs, employees will obtain the knowledge and tools required to help them grow professionally and perform excellently at their jobs. When employees see themselves growing with the company, they are more likely to continue contributing to the business.

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