Tips & Tricks for a Smooth Transition to a Virtual Office in Bali

The traditional working environment is slowly dying and remote working is on the rise. The sign that traditional offices are dying is even more apparent as the whole world is now in the lockdown mode due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Since March 2020, millions and millions of people around the world are ordered to work from home or remotely. With the help of modern and innovative tools such as Dropbox, Zoom, Slack, and Basecamp, many companies and employees have realised that they can adapt easily to this new normal, and businesses can still thrive.

Because of that, remote working will be more common than ever now and the years to come and the virtual office can be one of the best solutions.

How to Make a Smooth Transition

If you are considering a shift to a virtual office in Bali, here are some important points for you to follow to ensure a smooth and successful transition:

1. Combine Home Office and Virtual Office

Working from home is great but sometimes the lack of social interaction and constant interruption can be a problem.

For the sake of employee’s well-being and productivity, companies can also have their employees work from a day office at the virtual office, or a coworking space.

The networking and professional interaction at the virtual office can be extremely helpful.

2. Conduct Effective Communication about the Shift

Companies must provide transparency on why the transition to a virtual office is necessary.

Also, employers should lay out virtual office policies to prevent misunderstandings and gaps.

Communicating with employees on how to use a new virtual office’s technology and tools is also critical for a hassle-free transition.

3. Collaborative Tools and Applications

Software, tools, and applications that enable team members to communicate and keep pace with the project’s progress are essential.

This is to ensure that the project objective is achievable and the deadline will be met. Popular collaborative and communication tools include Slack and Confluence.

4. Document Sharing and Project Management

Companies making a shift to a virtual office in Bali shall implement their document sharing and project management beforehand.

Simply keeping all documents in the email or cloud storage is disorganised and will bring forth nothing but disaster to the project.

A project management solution with integrated document sharing and real-time syncing capabilities can safeguard all work documents in an organised way. This allows members to keep track of projects.

5. Arrange Off-Site, In-Person Meetings

A team of remote workers that are working on the same project shall be away from their home office once in a while and get together.

A virtual office has an on-request meeting room that makes off-site and in-person discussion possible.

Face-to-face meetings make the discussion more precious and team members can use this time to interact with their coworkers and make significant progress.

6. Test the Water

Before taking the leap, businesses can assign a few of the workers and test out the virtual offices. These workers can then feedback on the gaps between a traditional office and a virtual office, and if there’s a solution to bridge the gap.

Why Choose Cekindo’s Virtual Office in Bali

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You can use the address of Cekindo’s virtual office in Bali as your registered address for receiving your correspondence. Our virtual office also offers you access to the meeting or conference rooms as per requirement.

Moreover, among other first-rate services provided are the high-tech conferencing equipment, fast internet connection, administrative support, etc.

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