Why Your Business in Bali Needs a Dedicated Phone Number

Many entrepreneurs start a business in Bali because of its relatively low operational costs, beautiful landscape, diverse culture, friendly environment, and various business opportunities.

Regardless of the business size, it is important to have a dedicated phone number for your business in Bali. This article details some of the most important reasons.

Why Your Business in Bali Needs a Dedicated Phone Number

1. Your Business Appears Legit

With so many fake websites and false services, having a dedicated business phone number enables you to build trust and credibility.

While it is quite easy to forge a website, it is relatively unlikely to imitate a customer service phone number.

At the end of the day, it is more reassuring for clients to know that you have a team with real people that works for you. And you have a customer service team who can serve them with a personal touch.

2. Phone Communication is Still Very Common and Much Needed

The advent of technology does make communication so much easier. Nowadays, people communicate through private messaging applications and email.

However, this doesn’t eliminate the need for phone communication. Clients still prefer to speak to a real person of a company over the phone especially if their purchases are of high value.

A Google study shows that approximately 61% of mobile users make a phone call to a company when they are final purchasing steps. Also, as many as 59% of people who were surveyed would choose to call for an inquiry rather than contacting the customer service online.

3. It is Beneficial for Your SEO Strategy

Many major search engines make use of business citations of a company to decide where the business should rank in search results. The algorithm of a search engine is made to favour a company with a phone number over the one without.

Therefore, having a dedicated business phone number is crucial for your local organic rankings.

So as long as you have a consistent phone number, business name, address listed on your website, social media platforms, and directories, the search engine will recognise that and give you organic ranking a boost. The higher your ranking in the search result, the more trustworthy you appear to be.

4. You Gain More Control

With a dedicated and centralised phone number, sales tracking becomes easier and more convenient.

As such, you have more control over what happens regarding your customer service, sales, and logistics management since you have everything in one place.

For customers to reach a specific person of your team, you can also add extensions to your business number to facilitate the entire process.

5. You can Protect Your Privacy

You can also protect your privacy when you opt for a dedicated business phone number.

A personal mobile phone number may seem like a good idea at the beginning but sooner or later you will realise that your work life and personal life are out of balance.

You don’t want to have clients calling you during the wee hours or weekend when these are the quality time you reserve for yourself and your family.

Obtaining a Business Phone Number with Virtual Office in Bali

When buying a virtual office in Bali, one of the benefits is having a dedicated phone number.

Other benefits include ensuring regulatory compliance, building a professional network for the business relationship, gaining access to professional administration staff, and reducing unnecessary overheads and maintenance fees.

Why Cekindo’s Virtual Office in Bali

Cekindo is one of the well-established providers of virtual offices in Bali that provide support for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses of various forms and sizes.

With the increasing demand for our virtual office in Bali, it soon became clear that our support services were useful for locals and foreigners from all over the world.

Our virtual services are completed with advanced technology, effective communications, comprehensive administrative support, and a dynamic workspace environment – a strategy that caters to your unique business needs and work-style.

Try Cekindo’s virtual office out now.

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