How to Have an Effective and Engaging Virtual Meeting in Bali

Virtual meetings or conferences are now a fact of life for many of us, especially after the COVID-19 situation took place in Bali. However, it is not always easy to run a smooth virtual meeting that would lead to meaningful discussions and outcomes.

Here are 3 factors that will make great virtual meetings in Bali.

How to Have an Effective and Engaging Virtual Meeting

1. Set Standards for Virtual Meetings

The first step to take for a more effective meeting in Bali is to establish the ground rules. The management needs to communicate that rules and standards to all participants and the rule-making process to get rid of their defiance against these standards.

Below are some major standards for a successful virtual meeting:

  • Multitasking is not allowed during virtual meetings
  • Testing all tech devices and software and solve any tech issues before the virtual meeting
  • A quiet place without distractions and noises are required to participate in the virtual meeting
  • Participants shall mute their microphones when they are not speaking

2. Design More Effective Virtual Meetings

Designing a better virtual meeting is the next step after you have set and reinforce the basis for your team to follow.

For this step, you need to consider the following elements:

  • Know your meeting objective and decide if this virtual meeting is necessary
  • Assign roles to different members. Examples of virtual meeting roles are facilitator, tech support, notetaker, timekeeper, flow master, or any other roles that you think may be important. You can change the role of each meeting
  • Be mindful of the meeting context and take time zone difference into account
  • Use videos, polls, or whiteboard activities to keep participants’ attention and interest
  • Get a person such as your team member or a virtual assistant to be in charge of meeting scheduling and confirmation

3. Reduce Tech Issues

Technical issues or difficulties are almost always inevitable for virtual meetings and you should have preventive actions in place to decrease their possibility of disrupting the virtual meeting.

Disruption can mean participants get distracted or the virtual meeting ends abruptly. One guaranteed way to minimise the occurrence is to have your technical personnel check all equipment before the meeting to make sure they work properly.

If the tech issues still happen during the meeting, a technician or an experienced virtual assistant should be able to identify the problems and solve them immediately.

Virtual Meetings in a Well Equipped Meeting Room in Bali

So many things can go wrong for virtual meetings if you don’t have the right knowledge and resources to come up with preventative measures and to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Therefore, it’s always a great idea to conduct physical or virtual meetings in a well equipped meeting room in Bali. As many of the issues, such as distractions and tech difficulties, can be taken care of by professional environments, high tech facilities, and virtual assistants.

You can arrange your meeting room in Bali that suits your meeting requirements with the highest flexibility and ease – from hours to the entire day.

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