Why You Should Use a Shared Office in Bali

Thanks to technology, there is no longer a border. Business can be conducted more efficiently without a location as the hurdle. As a freelancer or a business owner who wishes to have your own space as a base operation on the paradise island Bali, you can consider a shared office as your office.

Unbeatable advantages

A shared office is the best choice for freelancers or those wanting to start their own business. What are the advantages? Are they really worthy of consideration?

Save more budget and have more flexibility

For starting a business, using a shared office is a great option to save more of your budget. After all, renting an empty office without the furniture still costs you a bigger budget. It even gets more expensive if you choose to buy your own building.

It is different if you choose a shared space. You can rent a space as you need. The flexibility of renting a space in a shared office also comes with the flexibility of how large your space is and how long you want to rent it.

You can add more space in your renting tab or add more time to the package. It is all flexible, which is very much suited for starting a business.

Collaboration opportunities

Aside from flexibility, you can also get the many opportunities to collaborate. In the shared office, you will meet many freelancers and business CEOs. This opportunity is great for your business. As a freelancer, you will be able to network with many professionals from various industries.

As a business player, you will get an opportunity to introduce your business to as many people as possible. It is possible for you to collaborate with other businesses too.

Furthermore, Bali is the spot where foreigners and locals gather so the chance of getting to know professional individuals from various countries and industries will be a lot higher.

Services and amenities

Compared to renting an empty space, renting a space in a shared office will be more advantageous as you will also get comfort, complete services, and amenities.

You will get a cleaning service to keep your workspace clean, amenities to keep you working comfortably. Both services and amenities in a shared office are specially catered for professional workers so you don’t need to worry over cranky chairs or dirty bathrooms. Services and amenities in a shared office are guaranteed to meet your needs and satisfaction.

A shared office has infrastructure with good security to guarantee you can work comfortably. By choosing a shared office, you can have your peace of mind since you are choosing to work in a secure environment.

Better productivity

A shared office is where professional individuals work so you can expect to have a professional environment there. By working in a professional environment, you will have minimum distractions.

You will also be more motivated to work since, in a shared office, productivity, routine, and the mindset to get things done are very much encouraged.

Instead of working remotely in your own home, surrounding yourself in a professional environment in a shared office will boost your productivity to another new level.

A shared office in Bali with more services from Cekindo

A shared office usually has basic services and amenities covered.

However, they usually don’t include catered services such as a receptionist who is ready to answer your phones and mails. This catered service is very valuable especially for your busy business owner who is often away for business trips.

Even rarer is a shared office provider that offers free consultancy on market-entry and expansion.

Book a shared office with Cekindo and you will have access to our complete facilities and experienced consultants along the way.

In addition to shared offices, Cekindo also offers other office solutions such as virtual offices and a coworking space in Bali.

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