Hot-desking in a Coworking Space in Bali: Know It Better

If you do a search of hot-desking in your search engine, you will find that hot-desking, defined by Forbes, is a working arrangement where staff make use of non-assigned workstations. Employees can use the workstation on a first-come-first-served basis.

Hot-desking gained its popularity in the 90s thanks to high flexibility and scalable workspaces. Therefore, employees can make use of hot-desking at any time of the day in a proactive and sociable work environment, encouraging their creativity and innovation.

Many companies have since integrated hot-desking in Bali into their businesses through flexible and modern workplace settings such as coworking spaces and satellite offices.

Hot-desking in Bali: Suitable for Whom?

Hot-desking in Bali is popular among growing companies looking to cut costs and expand their businesses to different locations. The flexible environment and scalability of hot-desking are the reasons why hot-desking is suitable for many types of people.

Before adopting hot-desking for your business in Bali, you should know who are the best candidates to use one.

1. Companies that Grow Rapidly

Many fast-growing companies use up their office space much quicker than they originally planned. The lack of space can impact employee’s productivity, working conditions, and ultimately the business performance.

Therefore, instead of moving the whole team or office to a bigger working space with a lot of unforeseen challenges, many employers opt for an immediate and short-term solution such as hot-desking.

With hot-desking in a coworking space in Bali, business owners can now hire necessary talent when they need to, even in a great number without worrying about the lack of workspace.

2. Companies that Wish to Lower Costs

A large number of businesses in Bali pay a lot of money to maintain their physical office. In fact, a big portion of the expenses for office maintenance is unnecessary.

Hot-desking exists to solve this issue as well. For many enterprises, hot-desking allows them to make the most of their space and resources, as well as to get rid of nonessential expenses at the same time. It is found that adopting hot-desking in Bali can help save office overheads by 30%.

3. Companies that Employ Staff in Different Places

Every company will have those employees that are indispensable and employers will try to retain these talents whenever possible. This means that if these excellent staff will have to move to another country or a different location in the same country, employers will make use of hot-desking to accommodate these professionals.

Hot-desking is also an ideal solution when it comes to hiring employees with specialized skills outside the company’s current location. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about not having qualified candidates to fill particular positions.

4. Companies that Make Use of Different Geographical Locations

There are circumstances where several businesses or companies have to collaborate and work together from greatly different geographical locations. For instance, a company may hire a few contractors or agencies to work synergically on a new project.

This is when hot-desking becomes extremely useful and even necessary. All businesses from different locations can meet and discuss their plans and projects at the same time without geographical constraint.

Not only that hot-desking serves as a neutral space for meeting and discussion, but it is also a perfect solution for networking and idea-sharing across different teams.

Why Cekindo’s Coworking Space in Bali

A thriving business and tourism hub in Indonesia, Bali is home to a diverse range of major trades and enterprises. With Cekindo’s vibrant coworking space in Bali, you can work alongside professionals and experts from different industries and locations.

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