How You Can Grow Your Business in Bali through a Virtual Office

Over the past few years, Bali’s startup scene has grown to one of the most exciting ones in Asia.

Despite its reputation of bureaucracy and complicated process, the Indonesian government is doing its best to roll out various incentives and initiatives for starting a business in Bali to encourage more foreign investments. They include simplification of business setup and licensing processes, tax exemption, and a higher percentage of foreign ownership to up to 100% in specific sectors.

Bali is no more the underdog of the global startup hub. Instead, it is now one of the leading regions in the world with immersive, thriving and diverse startup ecosystems in the world.

In addition to the booming economy, Bali has long been recognised for its beautiful landscapes, laid-back lifestyle, large workforce, the fast-growing tech industry and other endless opportunities. Therefore, most startups in Bali feel they are working in a paradise.

In this rapidly changing work environment in Bali, the workplace culture in Bali is also transforming. Many Bali startups are breaking ground and using virtual offices to grow their businesses.

This article explains the reasons why a virtual office in Bali is the right choice for launching your startup now.

Benefits of a Virtual Office and Why Businesses Should Use It

Zero or Very Minimum Overhead Costs

When you are a startup using a virtual office in Bali, you don’t have to pay for an expensive permanent office lease, utilities, maintenance charges, administration staff, and other setup costs.

The inexpensive membership fee you pay for a virtual office will cover almost everything from your prime business address to the receptionist, utilities to cleaning.

These saved expenses can be used on your other core business activities and can reflect greatly in the long-term growth results of your business.

Savings on Latest Technology

Almost every business operates to make profits. It is the universal truth that the more you can save, the more you will earn.

You may only have a short-term lease with a virtual office, but you can still make use of the most advanced technology that comes along with your virtual office.

These technologies not only make your work much easier, but it also saves you a substantial amount of money without having to buy your own.

No Commute Is Required

Commuting is one of the most time-wasting activities that most entrepreneurs are complaining about. Those times can be spent on more meaningful business activities instead. Plus, too much commuting and traffic congestion can cause even more harm to a person’s well-being.

Therefore, having a virtual office in Bali means that you can save at least two to three hours spent every day – just to get ready and commute to work. Time saved means money saved and higher productivity.

Accessible Worldwide Talent

The money you save from forgoing a traditional office can be used to recruit talent from anywhere in the world through the use of a virtual office.

Your employees can now work anywhere in the world and they can also help you to deal with clients that happen to be in the country of your hire. Now you have both global talent and international business.

Why Choose Cekindo’s Virtual Office in Bali

First impressions count for everything in business. Therefore, having a legit business address can sometimes make a difference if your clients decide to choose your service or product.

With Cekindo’s virtual office in Bali, you can now enjoy a full-service office without forking out a pile of cash and signing a long lease.

Cekindo’s virtual office in Bali can offer you a prime business address in an exceptional building in the city center. Our virtual offices are also located close to other businesses, amenities and important transportation links.

Give us a call now and find out the countless possibilities of a virtual office in Bali.

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