How Fun Could a Coworking Space in Bali be?

Bali is not only a tourist destination in Indonesia but has also become a new economic base in the country. The velocity of money occurs in several fields of business, such as culinary, and hospitality. In the early 2000s, some businessmen began to take part in economic activities. Some of them are expanding their existing business to Bali.

Since 2015, coworking space has been commonly found in big cities across the country, including Bali. Bali, as a place where many locals and international people do business, begin to create working vibes in the millennial’s way.

Coworking spaces generally exist in public places, for instance, in malls and trade centers. Coworking space is a new part of Balinese life in this modern era, which is why you need to adopt this concept too. Read on to see how fun a coworking space in Bali could be.

What is a coworking space?

Coworking space refers to a place that is used as a shared room to work together. In this case, the members of the coworking space do not come from the same specific background of work or organizations. They are usually remote-workers or companies that do not have to do their work at the office.

In other words, coworking space is the place where many people from different communities and backgrounds do their business. It is like a melting pot, but on a much smaller scale.

By using a coworking space, people tend to build interaction with others so that they can create a new business relationship. It is one of the reasons why coworking space is getting more attention, especially from Millennials. A lot of Millennials like to build a new relationship, particularly to build a new business network.

A coworking space is generally owned by a public or private company. Some owners require members or visitors to pay some costs to get facilities. But others do not set any prices for visitors.

In the coworking space, visitors can bring their work tools, or rent to the owner. Some coworking spaces also provide mini cafeterias or snack stations so that visitors can buy any snacks, food, and drinks.

In Bali, coworking spaces can be found easily, especially in popular areas such as Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, and Ubud.

Not all coworking spaces are located in the mall or office building. Some of them are inside restaurants and cafes. Most of them are managed by private companies or individuals.

The fun of working at a coworking space in Bali

Being a member of a coworking space will give you many advantages. Some of them can help you to accomplish your tasks. For instance, in a coworking space, you are allowed to use a superfast internet connection.

One thing that you can find in almost all coworking spaces is the cozy atmosphere. Coworking space provides a calm vibe to help you finish your work. Lighting and ornaments are arranged in a good way to make everyone who comes feel comfortable. This is one of the reasons many workers, especially remote-workers, decide to be a member of the coworking space.

Furthermore, coworking space in Bali allows you to grow your connection. It will be very nice to build up a new interaction with other people from another background. This will help you to increase your knowledge and network. Not only that, good interaction will give you an opportunity to collaborate with others.

Finally, you are the creator of your new promising business with new friends from the coworking space. You should try it!

Join a superb coworking space in Bali

Now that you have come to the end of the article, what do you think of being a coworking space member?

It will be very nice to meet many people from different backgrounds and work together in the same place, won’t it?

Build your opportunity with Cekindo. Our coworking space in Bali is located in a strategic area close to the beach and amenities. It is also equipped with all the modernities you need to help you accomplish tasks faster.

What about events? Our coworking space regularly hosts seminars, workshops and gatherings. All you need to do is be active and approach the other members or guests.

Get in touch with us to book your space now.

P.S.: We also have a virtual office in Bali to accommodate your modern workforce.

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