Do You Need a Virtual Office in Bali?

As a business owner yourself, did you ever consider using a virtual office for your business in Bali?

With the fast-growing economy in Indonesia, Bali has become not only a holiday destination but also a strategic business location. This can be seen from the growing startups that keep popping up in Bali.

Be it in tech, agriculture, or something else, Bali has attracted enough entrepreneurs to make this beautiful island as the place to start their business. That’s why it is no longer a surprise that there are many virtual offices in Bali you can find nowadays.

What is a virtual office?

Investing in a physical building as the base operation of your business isn’t cheap at all.

As a business owner who is just starting to operate, the fund for investing in a physical building can be better used for basic business operations, such as hiring employees. Based on this alone, many entrepreneurs already reconsider their initial plan to invest in a physical building for their business.

If buying isn’t the solution, how about renting? It still costs more. This is where the virtual office becomes an alternative.

A virtual office provides a more affordable choice for businesses that want to tighten their budget jar for their base operation. After all, the virtual office is more flexible, especially for those businesses whose focus is on developing their reach rather than expanding their branch.

How does the virtual office become a more sensible choice to save more budget rather than renting a physical building?

It’s because the virtual office is more than just renting, it’s a service that offers not only space such as conference rooms, but also a receptionist who is ready to take and direct your client’s phones and mails.

Not just that, with a virtual office, you are also able to use an exclusive phone number dedicated to your business.

Even though the space you are getting from a virtual office isn’t your own, you are still able to use the office location as your business’ mailing address.

In other words, by using a virtual office instead of renting a physical building, you will get so much more, not just a physical space but also the service for your convenience.

Why virtual office to do business in Bali?

As mentioned before, Bali has been growing into so much more than just a holiday destination. This paradise on Earth has become the hub for professionals and creative entrepreneurs.

After all, with the environment, entertainment, and culture, Bali provides world-class work-life balance. If you can both work and enjoy life in a paradise, why not choose the obvious option?

Not just because of that reason alone, Bali is where people around the world meet. Be it foreigners or Indonesians, the tourism aspect of Bali unites them all. This becomes an obvious opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Whether by starting their business or opening a virtual branch, many entrepreneurs hope to open a new market that isn’t available in industry-centralized cities like Jakarta and Surabaya.

However, although the business opportunity is apparent, it doesn’t mean that failure can’t happen. That’s why many entrepreneurs prefer to use virtual office in Bali instead of renting a physical building. By doing so, they can cut more budget and if a failure does happen, they won’t lose too much.

In other words, virtual office in Bali is a wise option for you as an entrepreneur whose business is about to start in Bali.

Why choose Cekindo’s virtual office?

There are many options for virtual office providers in Bali. However, not so many that also provide free consultation.

With Cekindo, you won’t only get an affordable but well equipped virtual office in Bali, but also a free consultation on market-entry or expansion.

Buy your preferred virtual office package now. Or, feel free to get in touch should you have more questions.

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